Air Jack 4 T

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PN: XM-A035
Component Parameter:

Lifting capacity: 4000 KG

Jack Diameter: 64 cm

Jack Height: 75 cm

Weight: 6.8 KG

Inflation: Tailpipe exhaust+ air compressor

Material: 1000 Denier-1.0mm PVC

Contents of air jack:

1 x air jack 

2 x filler tubes

1 x pair of leather gloves

4 x protective mats

2 x puncture repair patch

1 x heavy duty carry bag


Kindly reminding:

This kind of air jack uses the vehicle’s own exhaust to inflate the jack body, is capable of lifting vehicle out of ruts or holes.

  It can be inflated by air compressor.

  Great of use if vehicle stuck in sand, mud snow or soft ground.